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United Fellowship of  Covenant Ministries 

  (Left) Bishop Dane A. Coleman, Overseer, Pastor Guy E. Jones Senior
(Back Left) Pastor Dorothy Tunnell, and Pastor Shirley Blackwell

The United Fellowship of Covenant Ministries (UFCM) is a religious organization comprised of kingdom mind churches and ministries that work collaboratively to promote servant-leadership, unity, love of Christ and others, fellowship and community outreach activities that support the work of the ministry.

The theme for this year's convocation is Romans 15:6:  "Perfecting Unity Through One Mind, One Sound Glorifying God. The focus of this gathering is to celebrate the power of unity among believers and to promote the strengthening of families and communities by working together through "One Mind and One Sound."
Holy Convocation
Ocean City, Maryland
October 7 - 9, 2016

United Fellowship of Covenant Ministries
United Fellowship of Covenant Ministries (UFCM)
Presiding Prelate Bishop Dane Andre Coleman
State Overseer Pastor Guy E. Jones, Sr.
 Work in Progress Ministries Inc.
UFCM Covenant Services Photo Gallery
UFCM Holy Convocation
Opening Service
Friday, October 7, 2016
7:00 pm in
 Ocean City, Maryland
Pastor George Albert Copeland
United Faith Church of Deliverance
Salisbury, Maryland




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