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Pastor Jones' Story

The Lord called Pastor Guy E. Jones, Sr. when he was 12 years old by showing him visions of himself preaching in pulpits. But he did not answer the call until February 25, 1997 when Jesus showed up in a house where he was partying and said, “Get out! This isn’t all I have for you!” Two days later on February 27, 1997, he was saved at the Gospel Church of God in Christ under Pastor Ronald T. Fisher. Once he was saved he never turned back. His heart was on fire for the Lord.

Pastor Jones attended biblical seminars, as well as Bible College taught by Dr. Austin Waters. He received his professional degree from Delaware State University, in Education. Pastor Jones currently teaches building and trades in New Castle County school district at Hodgson Vocational Technical High School.

Pastor Jones came up through the ranks of the church. His service at the Gospel Church of God included the Boys to Men Mentoring Program, Sunday school teacher for youth and young adults as well as Director of Christian Education. He started as Brother Guy and then was promoted to Deacon. He served as deacon for three years. During his service as deacon, Pastor Ronald T. Fisher, of Gospel Church Of God in Christ, noticed the call on his life and announced him as a Minister. He served in this capacity for five years.

Shortly, thereafter, Pastor Jones started a community Bible Study at the Chestertown Library. The Bible Study was eventually moved to The Gospel Church of God in Christ and lasted for a year or more. When the accommodations were no longer available, Pastor Jones sought God and the Bible Study was moved to Chestertown Landing Apartments conference room. God continued to bless the Bible Study through steady growth and from that Work in Progress Ministries was birthed.

Pastor Jones has developed citywide evangelistic conferences through, in-house ministries and other evangelistic outreaches: block, street, door-to-door, professional, missionary, prison, and Thanksgiving food feeding evangelism. He also developed house fellowships, men's discipleship ministry, and biblical counseling training. Pastor Jones can be heard in nations all across the globe on Universal Christian Radio. His messages are being preached in Asia, Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and even Cairo Egypt, as well as cities in the US. Pastor Jones, and Work In Progress Ministries also serves as a covering for a Christian church located in Pakistan (Christ King Gospel Ministries, under the leadership of Pastor John Feroze).

He is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Work In Progress Ministries in Millington, Maryland. The mission statement and prime directive for Work In Progress Ministries Inc. is "Bringing People Through Christ to Healing and Wholeness". Pastor Jones has a passion for families, single mothers, youth, developing and mentoring men and women for ministry. He is the spiritual son of Bishop Dane A. Coleman, Pastor and overseer of Greater New Hope Church & Ministries, Inc. Pastor Jones serves as State Overseer of United Fellowship of Covenant Ministries (UFCM).

In his youth, Pastor Jones played football for the Trojans and enlisted in the military for six years. During his enlistment, his passion for in martial arts grew. After the military, Pastor Jones owned a martial arts school for three years. This was the beginning of God working His plan for Pastor Jones’ life. God was orchestrating discipline and birthing the gift of teaching.

Pastor Jones is the youngest of five children born to the late Rueben E. and Gertrude A. Jones. He has one living sister, Helen Sweets. Pastor Jones is married to his high school sweet heart, Sherrilyn who is also a graduate of Kent County High School. They have four children, Guishia, Shelita, Shania and Guy, Jr., and six grandchildren.

Firstlady Jones' Story

Pastor's wives have a very challenging role to play in the church. They are not considered part of the church staff, but they often do as much ministry at and for the church as their husbands! And while the pastor is very visible as he teaches, leads, and preaches, the pastor's wife generally ministers in the background. But no matter what role the pastor's wife plays in the church, I can assure you of one thing: without his wife our pastor would not be half the minister...half the man...he is. Please embrace the First Lady of Work In Progress Ministries.

First Lady Sherrilyn Jones was born and raised in Chestertown, MD. She was born on June 22. Sherri is one of six children. Her parents' names are Harold R. Somerville, Sr. and Joyce Black Somerville. She graduated from Kent County High School. First Lady is a mother of four beautiful children. They are Guisha, Shelita, Shania, and Guy Jr. She is also a grandmother to five beautiful girls and one handsome son.

First Lady Jones gave her life to Christ on March 30, 1997. She has been saved for over fourteen years and been running for Christ since then. She was a member of Gospel Church of God where the pastor is Ronald T. Fisher. She was very active in the church. She was part of the Education Department Committee, church secretary, and also the president of the Usher committee.

When her husband, Guy Jones, Sr., was called by God to become a pastor of Work In Progress, she was obedient and followed his vision. Since Work In Progress started she has not only been a first lady but also very involved in different committees within the ministry. She is on the praise and worship team, president of the education committee, part of the administration staff in finance, chair of Women’s Day, and chair of the monthly women’s fellowship.

In 2009, Work in Progress and Greater New Hope Church and Ministries became covenant ministries. Our very own First Lady became co-chair of women’s ministry and also financial overseer for United Fellowship of Covenant Ministries.

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